*who are wee earthlings?*  wee are the incredible community of little living earth creatures. Fleshy little some bodies, dwelling all over the place! Each of us unique, individuals… and one of a kind. wee all have special functions to borrow energy, gases and water from our surroundings, and in return *answer the call of nature* in all of our diverse nooks and niches right around the globe. From a bulky blue whale, to a tiny plankton, to a puny human being, *wee are all amazing!* and *wee are all here for our own reasons!*

wee also face an increasingly deadly and destructive force… *inhuman nature*
Inhumans believe them selves superior to our fantastical family tree, and beyond the lovely laws of nature. They choose to abuse their abilities, our world, and each other – trying to feel more powerful by hacking off our branches, or tearing life out by the roots. But wee are clinging on! *Crying out loud for our wonderful world* and for each and every body who inhabits our home planet!*

This website is a celebration of an unconventional global collective, the wee individuals emerging to beam out their love of earthlings everywhere, and show that *wee are all connected*. Funky, upbeat artworks and ferocious media bytes show some of the ingenious ideas that are helping us break down the most monstrous people-problems and giving answers to that curious question: *what can wee do anyway?!*

If you have a suggestion, or want to tell us what you are doing to be a better earthling, wee would absolutely love to hear about it!  Make Contact! *wee are listening!*

ACTION!  Here are some wee earthling movies! Or you can peek at the wee earthling youtube channel

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